‘Not Enough Space’ On Your iPhone? Here’s How To Deal With It

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are the following may have happened to you probably one too many times: you’re busy scrolling through Instagram or downloading an app when this dreaded “Storage Almost Full” prompt pops up — or the even worse, “Not Enough Storage.” Maybe you’re like me and you quickly hit one of […]

35 Bizarre Things That Have Happened on Planes

Apart from being the safest mode of trasportation, airplane is indeed a marvelous invention that brings distant places near. However, airplanes can bring out the suffocated emotions from almost everyone. Here are 35 instances where people went hysterically bizzare on airplanes. True story, mate! 1.  Did he pay extra for that seat or is that […]

11 Things To Consider While Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Buying health insurance is indeed a task with the process being extremely complicated! In case you are looking to buy a health insurance plan, there are a few basics that you should be aware of to avoid any mishap! Here are the 11 most important points that will keep you covered and help in making […]